Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1.the risk that teens face on the internet are cyberbullying and harassment

2.The "Net Effect" is important because teens can easily misunderstand something that is said or written. The reason is because you don't see the true expressions of that person. Also, things can be deceiving like the so called private things.

3.Social media is an everyday thing for teens. This becomes part of their lives in the process of developing and learning behavior. The parents must be more concious about what their children are looking at and interpreting.

4. Digital Citizenship allows the people to feel united as a community and influences them to behave like citizens. Also helps teens feel part of something that is positive. It is important to online safety because it helps keep track of the teens and whats going on in their online life.

5. This is relevant to me because it helps make me understand the dangers and safety of using the internet. Also warns me about how to conduct myself online and how to protect myself from certain harmful things.

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