Friday, April 30, 2010

Write a thoughtful essay of at least three paragraphs describing your feeling about using Smart Phones in School. Do you agree with the comments above? Give your opinion and the reasons why you are for or against Smart Phones in school.

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i think that we should be able to use smart phones because they help us wit are learning and we can get on the internet any time we want thats why we should be able to bring them to school I can say that the proliferation of cell phones has decreased the response time to emergency situations exponentially. If a child can make an emergency call in an emergency situation, it can vastly increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Think about the way criminals have had to change behavior do to the number of everyday citizens that have cell phones. It has created a network of information that has NEVER existed before. Teaching responsible use of this form of mobile technology should be part of basic education.but some kids might use the smart phone foe something else like to go on facebook

I agree completely. This technology is here to stay I've heard that schools may be introducing E-textbooks to classrooms and also smart-phones may mean that children are able to work from home or deliver their homework electronically more easily in the future we will probably not be able to use smart phone because they might be out of style like in a couple of years u feel me

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